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BiggiFi: It's like turning your TV into a giant tablet. The only device that uses a smartphone's native controls.

BiggiFi Device

BiggiFi Device
Enjoy tons of apps from the comfort of your couch in high definition.
$ 89.00
BiggiFi is an Android HDMI device that brings millions of mobile apps right onto your TV. Unlike other devices, BiggiFi allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to touch, pinch, slide, scroll, and tilt to interface with the TV just as you would on any smartphone or tablet. BiggiFi is the only device that uses your smartphone's native control scheme to bring the mobile experience to the big screen.
"BiggiFi is stepping into the space with a simple device that may change the way you and your family consume media"
- Android and Me


We want to give a warm and much deserved thank you to all of our backers from around the world (we never expected contributions to come from 15 different countries) who helped make our Indiegogo campaign a success. Every one of you helped bring BiggiFi to the world. We look forward to future participation from our fans.   
Here's what our backers are saying about BiggiFi:
"Can’t wait until this comes in. Such exciting potential after the huge letdown that Chromecast was/still is" - Stephen Gaddis (Before using BiggiFi)
"Got mine today and started playing with it. VERY easy set-up. Love the presentation. Will report back once I play with it some more. Spent my whole lunch hour updating apps and getting used to the interface. Impressed so far!" - Stephen Gaddis (After using BiggiFi)
"I'm glad I caught this project as I have been looking for something like this that supports all Android apps as opposed to Google Chromecast which seems to be limiting things lately"    - Gene Petrone
"It was my first ever contribution to any crowd funding project, that must tell you how skeptic I am (...) Biggifi is one of those products that I have seen, identified in a few seconds that it's going to be a hero"  - Hassan Farid


BiggiFi has been featured on Android and Me, NewsWatch, readwrite and LinuxGizmos.